Who the F is Reb NoFun

and why do you care what I made? Well… you may or may not. But like a lot of artists, sometimes there are just a lot of things you want to do, and it’s hard to focus on any one of them, or you feel pressure to make a specific body of work that’s cohesive and tells some sort of story blah blah blah. Well, I don’t have an artist statement, except for my art itself. Overall, my work is pretty cohesive, but I want more out of it, AND I want to be able to create what I want to create without feeling like I need to keep it within any parameters. Also, I love teaching others how to make art or at the very least encouraging people to create and put what they create out into the world! It’s probably my favorite. So that’s where this blog comes in.

You can catch me and my partner in crime, Mike NoTalent, at noart.co, and with a bunch of our awesome friends, tearin’ it up with art shows and punk rock wherever we can hammer a nail into a wall or set up a table. We design and print tshirts, and other merchandise, and make as much art as possible. I also teach workshops in various media and run “paint and sips”. Sometimes I even design logos and make websites: rebmedia.net  So hit me up!